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Canada Threatens to Reject Kyoto Pact [July 19, 2001]

Ottawa to Unveil Green Initiatives [June 4, 2001]

Clean-air Campaign Fights Rising Air Pollution [June 4, 2001]

AWMA conference on implementing Canada-wide standards [February 15, 2001]

Mining operations in Canada released 2.3M pounds of heavy metals in 1998 [February 15, 2001]

Deregulating Canadian Electricity: A New Report by CIBC World Markets (PDF Format) [February 7, 2001]

Get on the Climate Change Caravan [February 1, 2001]

Climate talks fail: David Suzuki Foundation issues final statement at closure of UN Climate Summit [November 25, 2000]

Canada's Game: Climate Charade [November 14, 2000]

U.S. Supreme Court hears clean air cases regarding smog and soot standards [November 7, 2000]

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance has released its Countdown Coal report on Ontario Power Generation's coal-fired power plants. [October 5, 2000]

Government of Canada invests $13.5 million towards research projects on toxic substances [July 11, 2000]

Planning for clean air - Kelowna [July 6, 2000]

Ontario's Dirty Secrets [July 2000]

Why do we need clean air? [July 2000]

The Science Behind Air Quality Standards [July 2000]

Federal Reports Provide Information to Canadians and Show Progress (but slow and modest) on Pollution [June 30, 2000]

Toronto Smog Summit [June 21, 2000]

Monitoring Air Quality [May 2000]

California is leading by example - Zero Emission Vehicles